Gobe creating real value in property and places

Mrs. Mpho Moremong-Gobe

With over 21 years of experience in the property profession, Mpho Moremong-Gobe is a force to reckon with and living proof that dreams do come true. In 1999 she was the first Motswana woman to became a chartered surveyor.  The presence of women in real estate should be appreciated, especially as it is traditionally a male-dominated industry. There are few remaining industries that have not seen drastic change in the roles women play – real estate is not immune to the changing business landscape. Women like Gobe are the game changers and have altered the perception and views of people towards the role woman can play in the real estate today.

Gobe is a realtor who combines her love for the industry with her passion for education. Before venturing into the real estate business, Gobe attained a Business Management Degree at the University of Botswana making sure she was adequately educated to accomplish her goals going forward. Only after she had completed her studies did she developed a keen interest in the real estate game, after being inspired by her brother who was then a quantity surveyor.

Today Gobe boasts one of the top real estate consultancies in Botswana.  MG Properties is involved in the marketing, sales, letting, and valuation of all types of properties. They offer general property consultancy services, including property management of both commercial and residential properties. In addition, they offer construction site stage inspections, from foundation level through to completion. Drawing from years of experience as a realtor, Gobe has built a reputation for being refreshingly friendly and for fabulous customer care. She notes this as one of her strengths. “I am a people’s person, l am not out- going but when l am with client’s l open up and this draws clients to me”.

Furthermore, Gobe explains that integrity and honesty have kept her going. She feels that to provide real service, you must add something that can’t be bought, for her these special ingredients are sincerity and integrity. Since the company’s inception in 2007, MG Properties has grown significantly. The Company has expanded by opening aa second  branch in Francistown and plans are in place to open a third outlet in the North. Gobe believes that they have managed to stay at the top of their game thorough research and constant communication with clients. As the world evolves so does the real estate industry – it becomes more innovative and complex. She elaborated that her clients can be demanding because client needs and demands differ depending on their circumstances. “Over time l have learned to deal with all kinds of clients. Being in the industry for 21 years has given me a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from.”

The cut throat world of real estate can be particularly unforgiving as there is plenty of competition in this business. As the economy fluctuates, the number of active agents follows suit. Gobe notes this as one of her challenges. “Sometimes things do not work out as planned. As the economy changes, clients financial circumstances often change – this impacts on people’s disposable income.”

Gobe has proved that gender has nothing to do with pursuing your dreams and attaining your goals in life. She has an innate ability to guide buyers to obtain the best value for their properties and in purchasing their dream homes. Being a woman to her has been strength and not an obstacle. Gobe believes that women always have a different approach to life than men.  “At times it can be intimidating being the only woman in a meeting filled with men. My previous employer always tried to shield me from these situations, however l told him not to and that I needed the exposure in order to grow.” Gobe elaborates that women are in her experience generally frightened of unknowns. She contends, “We should’nt be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. Most families in Botswana are run by women which shows us clearly that women can be leaders.


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