Lebogang Ratedi – free sprited, young and bold


Lebogang-RatediA chance meeting with Lebogang  Kakare Ratedi revealed a young Motswana woman who is willing to straddle the set norms that cage women in a world stuck in the stone age. Born in Mahalapye, Lebo is a graduate in Entrepreneurship Finance as well as  an investment analyst by training. On her spare time Lebogang dables in jewellery making, a passion which she developed during her  journey into self discovery.

“I used to make jewellery for myself then a friend of mine called Sweetie saw what i was doing and gave me the encouragement and go ahead to pursue what I felt was a calling for me. I used Sweetie’s African  mall shop to take my finished products to the customers.”
Lebogang is the proud owner of  Kanya creation sand according to her products, she is a firm worshipper of the true ‘mother earth colours.’ “They call me Afrocentric. I am more into people who are into mother nature.” The fact that the jewellery industry in the country has not been received favourably by the general populace has been a cause for concern for the upcoming designer. “I want to leave my current job and concentrate on producing my own jewellery, but I cant do that now,” she mourned.

IMG_20150218_00102036Aside from the jewellery, Lebogang Ratedi is an accomplished motor biker. Yes you read well, a motor biker. In an exclusive interview with Woman to Woman magazine  she said she took to the hobby just as a way of passing time and exploring new heights in life. As an avid biker Lebogang doubles also as the Publicity person for the Motor Cycle Club here in Gaborone.
“As bikers, sometimes we undertake some charity work, just like the recent fundraising that we did for the Cancer Association of Botswana during their cancer campaign month,” she enthused.

Another cap on Lebogang’s  feather is her other passion for playing guitar. Unbelievable as it IMG_3554might seem, she is good at her craft. Not many ladies at a tender age of 25 would be as half as dexteric as Lebogang but she continues to amaze all who care to watch her ambitions seek for more ventures and hobbies to explore. Watch this space, the young woman with a big appetite for discovering new planes in life will be here again to amaze you, like Houdini, with her next trick.


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