New food festival comes to town

Leokeditswe Girly Semele
Leokeditswe Girly Semele

Botswana will be the host of the much anticipated International Food Festival on the 5th of September 2015. The upcoming festival comes hard on the heels of a number of other festivals that have been hosted by different event managers.

Speaking to this publication, one of the event organizers Leokeditswe Girly Semele, who was in the company of Lloyd Mwape, said the planned international food festival will assume a cosmopolitan flavour and they have cast their nets wide in order to incorporate more than fifty different cultures to this unique carnival.

“It’s more than just a food fair and a place where one will just get a bite.

This is so because unlike the other fairs that has been there; ours have been informed by other international fairs such as the one in Kempton Park in South Africa.”

If Semele and Mwape’s information is anything to go by, those that want to take part at this once in a lifetime fiesta will put aside their usual currency, the Pula, once inside for the innovative Food Fest Dollar of which they will get ten tokens each from a food fest bank. “Yes, this is a multicultural event so we have to give it an international appeal,” she added.
This food festival will also have a place for those who feel like puking after an unsavoury bite, (which seems highly unlikely), there will also be lots of child minders to help parents enjoy the day without babies tugging at their skirts and in addition to a mobile clinic which will be on the premises, a food fest prison will also find pride of place to contain any rowdy and unruly malcontents who will be bent on spoiling a good outing.

The festival is going to be an annual event and the organizers have traversed the whole length and breadth of the country, including meetings with embassies based here to get their input and second their respective nationals to take part in the inaugural international food joint; hence the large number of participants.

The organizers are promising a mouthwatering array of food stuffs.  Some of the delicacies to look forward to are beef, chicken, and seafood, donkey meat, dog meat and cat meat and a host of other foods from different cultures.

The festival will also showcase entertainment from cultures like the Chinese dragon dance. Though entertainment will be there, it will be there on a minimal scale. “We do not want entertainment to overshadow the main event which is the food festival”, Semele said. This is an event surely not to miss out for there is so much to learn from other cultures other than yours. After the festival, Gaborone would surely have had a place on the international cuisine map. According to Semele, those that understand it better, should come forward and put Gaborone on the map after the blessing of T.V show Master Chef Australia.


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