Sethunya appreciates women through song

Sethunya Maele
Sethunya Maele

Sethunya Maele, a Motswapong woman born and bred in Gaborone found it fitting to dedicate an Afro pop song titled Mosadi to the women as a way of appreciating them. Maele, a journalist by profession who is currently a news reader at one of the country’s leading radio station Gabzfm is quickly carving a place for herself in the Afro soul/jazz music genres.

Maele graduated from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where she was pursuing a BA (Hons) in Broadcasting and Journalism in 2012.

After college, Maele sought to broaden her horizon and pursued one of her passions, radio. She took to radio as a duck takes to water. Her career continues to seek for the skies as she joined an esteemed crop of music makers in the country. Her song, Mosadi, the second offering after Life, continue to appeal to all women ages at all times.

In an interview Maele said, she noted that she wrote Mosadi after appreciating what single mothers and women in general go through by giving their children love and taking care of their welfare.

She told Woman to Woman that having been raised by a single mother inspired her to write the song which she described as a special homage to all women across the world. In the song, she is thanking them for the selfless role they play in society. “Women play an important role in our lives and they are the ones who raised us”, she adds.

The single will be released online for free on Sound Cloud. The song, which Sethunya recorded at Hi Note Recording under the expertise of music guru Tshepo Lesole, is written in both English and Setswana. “My first single Life was an English song. With the new single, I included a bit of Setswana just to show diversity and love for my language,” she said.  Mosadi, which was recorded live, has received immense airplay on local radio stations. Looking at her past coverage on the local media it is clear that Maele is indeed here to stay and she’s loyal to her musical calling.

Sethunya Maele
Sethunya Maele

Sethunya said she will use the single to build her career as a musician. “Once I become a household name, only then will I be ready to release an album. At the moment, I will only release singles and videos,” she said. She added that she was looking forward to working with different professional artists on her musical journey. “I am willing to work with musicians who take music as seriously as I do, professionals, such as Nnunu Ramogotsi and Lizibo,” she said.

In most cases Women are normally underestimated and Maele made it clear that she would like to encourage other women to be strong and focused to achieve their dreams. On how she handles the two professions at the same time Maele added that working as a journalist has helped her in a good way on building her career. “ As I have learnt  Public Relations I am capable and know  how to publicize my music  by networking with different media houses all over the world”, she added.



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