Lobelo’s SWEET taste of fashion designing


The multi awards winner fashion designer  Kefilwe Sweetie Lobelo  indicates that indeed her talent  to design will still take her places as  she  remains focus  on  designing.

Sweetie’s fashion organization is a company specializing in designing clothes for youth and even elders who love fashion. It provides people with designs for corporate events.

Lobelo started designing clothes at an early age but took her natural talent seriously in 2011after she received a governmental sponsorship (FAP) grant to start her own business.In an interview with Woman to woman magazine Lobelo discussed that as a woman there was some point in time when she asked herself some questions on what she can do to earn a living since she had a lot of commitments though she was not working. She emphasized that as she studied fashion and fabrics whilst she was still at Secondary school she   decided to follow that route.

Lobelo added that it was then by 2002 when she realized that indeed she is doing well in designing as many people showed interest on what she was doing. “It was in 2002 when she entered the Mmegi fashion show competitions where she got the first position. In 2004 she also won an award under the youngest designer position during the Mmegi fashion competitions. In 2008 she also entered the women expo competitions in which she also scooped the first position and it proves that the lady is so talented.

The driving force for Lobelo to hold on fashion was that she wanted to keep and encourage Botswana culture through clothing and she wanted to also display unique and creativity on her designs. She designs long dress displaying how a Setswana woman should wear when attending some important events or attending some fashion shows.  Some designs are for some weddings, and there are also some for traditional attire.

To add fuel to her popularity is that in 2011 the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture offered her a sponsorship to travel to Mozambique and exhibit her designs.  The Ministry also offered her a trip in 2013 to represent Botswana on the fashion show that was held in India. She usually designs for the country’s high profile celebrities such as Joel Ntsoro Keitumele, Gloria Kgosi, Gaone Tlhasa and even the celebrities in South Africa.

When starting a business there are so many challenges and for Lobelo as a hard worker she never gave up. She said the love for Art made her kept on going with her designs. Some of the challenges she went through includes competition as there are so many fashion designers in the country. “In life everything has its own challenges all you have to do is to stay focus at all times”, she said.


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