Understand and Embrace your natural hair


Give it what it needs and have the length you desire

Matilda Ntsetse Mpai
Matilda Ntsetse Mpai

Everyone has an optimal hair growth which can be inhibited by factors such as diet, stress, chemical relaxers etc, However, this does not mean that long hair is unattainable. It just means that your hair might be needing more attention.

The key is to ensure that your hair is properly moisturized. This will improve the elasticity of your hair ad prevent hair breakage. Black hair is very curly and thus very fragile.

Tips for keeping your natural hair moisturized and looking good.

Wash your hair weekly. Water is a good moisturizer. Washing your hair will also promote a clean scalp that ca absorb your moisturizing hair cream.
If possible, use shampoo and conditioner of the same brand.

Use deep conditioner when you wash your hair.

Apply hair moisturizer before applying oil. Oil is ot a moisturizer but good for sealing moisture.

Choose a good moisturizer that is water based, and contains Shea Butter. I recommend a wonderful hair moisturizer that I have formulated called Marula Hair Magic. It uses Shea Butter and Marula oil and makes natural hair soft, manageable and encourages hair growth. It is possible to feel beautiful, confident and sexy with natural hair.

Avoid petroleum ad mineral oils. They are good as sealing moisture but do ot benefit he hair ad scalp.

Castor Oil is also good but  it is a very thick and heavy oil. Therefore it needs to be mixed and tinned out with other oils.

Other good hair oils include coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil and argan oil.

Sleep with a satin cover on your hair ad pillow because satin will not draw the moisture from your hair.

When oiling your scalp, make sure to massage for about five minutes and every other day. This will help to increase blood circulation flow to the scalp area and stimulate growth.

Avoid too much direct heat and blow drying too often. When you do blow dry, make sure to use a wide toothed comb

Braiding your natural hair into plaits without extensions helps to stretch the hair and helps to minimize the need to blow dry the hair to straighten it. This gives your hair some volume ad curls.

Avoid braiding your hair with extensions repeatedly as this puts a lot of strain on the hair line. Two strand twists are a good option as they look beautiful and they leave your hair looking nicely curled when you undo the two strand twists.


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