BTC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its Partners


The Botswana Telecommunications (BTC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its partners during the BTC Memorandum of Understanding Ceremony held at the BTC Headquarters, Megaleng, on Tuesday 4th June 2019.


The BTC Foundation Chairperson, Mr. Michael Mothobi, said the BTC Foundation was founded in 2014, it is responsible for the delivery and management of BTC’s Corporate Investment agenda, through investments in impactful and sustainable initiatives which benefit communities in Botswana, it is a legally registered entity and administered by a Board of Trustees. “As part of our strategy as the Foundation, we have identified four sponsorship focus areas which are; wellness and sport development, arts and culture, entrepreneurship and innovation and environmental protection”, said Mr. Mothobi.

He continued by saying that to better serve and make a difference in communities, it is prudent that they work with other entities hence, last year June, they placed an expression of interest advert inviting like-minded organizations to partner with them. Since they are a legally registered entity, it is prudent that they do everything in a fair and transparent manner. They received many applications which they subjected to a rigorous vetting process to ensure alignment. “We received three hundred and nine (309) applications and after vetting to check compliance, only twenty (20) were considered, after further evaluations, only four (4) met the criteria for funding”, he said.

Furthermore, he said the BTC Foundation has approved sponsorships totaling 1.7 million Pula to Black African Poets Trust, Y Care Charitable Trust, Moshana Development Trust and the University of Botswana. Black African Poets Trust’s main objective is to develop resource base for Batswana Poets and Poetry in the digital space, they aim to explore and promote publishing opportunities to Black African Poets and organize local poetry festivals that promote local Poets. The organization will be funded BWP 760 186.00 to host an annual BTC Foundation Poetry Festival. The festival will be augmented by monthly poetry nights through-out the country. Moshana Development Trust seeks to empower people by developing skills and supporting projects that create local employment opportunities, the organization will be funded a total cost of BWP 615 000.00 to construct a park that will be used for educating and training the community to conserve and protect natural resources  for their own benefit and development.

The Memorandum of Understanding between the BTC Foundation and Y Care Charitable Trust is to collaborate on charitable fundraising efforts and support each other on any upcoming charitable initiatives. This organization has been set up to raise funds to support active and registered charities in Botswana which focuses on vulnerable children, youth, health, environment, sports and culture. The BTC Foundation will be working and collaborating with them to achieve their goals. The University of Botswana will be funded to the tune of BWP 307 000.00 to fund a project in the field of youth training on life skills through sports in Shakawe, Nata and Good Hope Senior Secondary Schools. “The three schools have not been performing well in the past, we want to change that”, said Mr. Mothobi. He concluded by saying that as the Foundation, they want to change lives but they cannot do that without support and collaboration with like-minded organizations and partners. He also thanked their partners for coming on board and joining them on their journey as they strive to positively impact communities.


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