Mini Hogs gets dressed by Debonairs Pizza

Mini Hogs Team

Debonairs Pizza is not synonymous with apparels hence when the company pitched at the Hogs Rugby grounds with the intention of donating jerseys to the club’s young teams, the Mini Hogs, the unexpected dawned on those present. They had expected Pizzas instead.

Retail Group, the parent company of Debonairs Pizza, heeded the call of a need for a donation of rugby jerseys for the young ones and promptly jumped to the initiative. Rudolf de Wet, the company’s representative who was the one doling out the cuddly jerseys to both the tiny tots (Mini Hogs) and the Junior Hogs said it was the company’s policy to help those in need.

“”The reason why we wanted to sponsor such a group of players is that we love rugby and the kids love to be happy. At Debonairs Pizza we love to feed the kids always. We also take an opportunity like this to have our brand taken to the people, whenever possible.” De Wet said they also want to support development programme at the Hogs club and would do the same whenever they get the chance next time.

Speaking after receiving the donation from Debonairs Pizza, The Hogs Club manager, Lynn Warburton said they were grateful for the gesture as it will go a long way in enhancing the development of rugby at the club. She said the gift from the Debonairs Pizza was also relevant in that it was helping some of the children who were coming from places like Old Naledi who were keen rugby players but lack proper attire for the sport at times.

“We make contacts through the club and the donation is voluntary sponsorship. This time we received this generous donation worth P25 000.00 from this organisation here.” She said although the Mini Hogs were still to find proper competition and peers elsewhere, the junior teams were already having some form of competition from other Reba Bona Ha affiliated teams from across the country. The Mini Hogs Head Coach Brendan Garcin said the jerseys they received would go a long way in addressing the needs of his charges which includes properly branded uniforms. “We are grateful for the contribution, the donation will definitely assist the team to learn how to play. Garcin said between 20 and 25 of his charges got the jerseys and all the other assistant team coaches also were dressed by the same company. However, Garcin’s fervent wish was to get more sponsorship that would enable the team to go to South Africa for tournaments and other games


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