Be driven by passion to succeed

Ms Msmaetsho Chokwe (Left) and Ms Lebogang C. Mmono (Right), speaking during a panel discussion during the BOBEX Conference at Travelodge

Passion is one of the drivers that are synonymous with women entrepreneurs’ determination to succeed in their businesses as entrepreneurship is not an easy walk at all. This is one of the messages that echoed resoundingly as a panel of four women business owners opened up and shared on their unique individual stories, reflecting on the reality of women in entrepreneurship in Botswana during the Botswana Business Funding Expo held at Travelodge on the 26th of July 2019.  In this article, we focus on two of these panelists’ inspirational entrepreneurial journeys.

Ms Lebogang C. Mmono is a young and avid entrepreneur at heart, her business walk to success is really inspirational. She is the founder of Just Ginger Beverages which is focused on production of non-alcoholic ginger (gemere) beer. In 2018, she was the Botswana Creative Business Cup winner and was sent to Copenhagen, Denmark to be part of the global competition. She said that it was not easy to register her company as it was arduous and cumbersome process that required dedication. To get where she is now, it is her sheer perseverance, commitment, hard work and tremendous support from her mother. “My friends and my family have given me great support which inspires me to work even harder so that my company succeeds”, she said. She added that to become successful, she is driven by passion, not money.

For her part, the founder and owner of Grand Salts and Sauces, a small yet thriving business based in Tlokweng that produces relish and seasoning salts, Ms Mmaetsho Chokwe, said business is about faking it till one makes it. “My vision is bigger than what I imagined, one has to be true to their ideas”, she added. She urged women to work hard and be motivated throughout their journey of entrepreneurship. For one’s business to succeed, passion is integral in what one does, hard work and be trustworthy so that your clients can be loyal to you.

Msmaetsho and Lebogang pose for a photo after the insightful panel discussion, during the BOBEX Conference at Travelodge.

Women should not be afraid to keep knocking on doors, they must trust in their intuition. They must not let setbacks stop them from soldering on in their unique entrepreneurial journeys and should believe in themselves. Be willing to fail, learn from failure, trudge on and effusive passion is key to success.


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