The Journey of Hope around Botswana


Another year, another mission to save lives. This morning, Sunday 4th August 2019, the Journey of Hope Botswana team set out on their annual trip around Botswana on a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. They will be travelling to Sekoma, Mabutsane, Khakhea, Kokotsha, Werda and Tsabong. This year’s Big Journey is held in honor of Bev Denbury, Chairperson and co-founder of the Journey of Hope Botswana, who passed on after a long battle with breast cancer. This was said by the organizers of the Big Journey of Hope departure event held at Mugg n Bean, Sebele Mall today.

Since 2010, the Journey of Hope Botswana has been travelling all over the country to various clinics, hospitals and Kgotlas where they perform scans on-site, teaching different communities about breast cancer, as well as self-examination. The travelling team consists of doctors and nurses, some from Bokamoso Private Hospital, comprising men and women who conduct cancer testing examinations and refer if need be, men and women to Gaborone for further diagnosis. Journey of Hope Botswana has bent over backwards to assist those affected by covering all the breast examination and travelling costs to Gaborone. The Journey of Hope Botswana was established to assist people by giving breast cancer test examinations, and ever since their first rally at which they conduct Saturday clinics in Gaborone where men and women go for free examinations. They have also initiated support groups for the affected and assist them get treatment from the Breast Cancer Clinic at Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone.

The organization received two donations from the 2019 Diacore Marathon who donated a sum of P300 000.00 and two young women from Westwood International School, Michelle Ketlhalefile and Tracy Smith raised P2 137.00 through fund raising campaigns, bake selling and Civvies Day at their school. The two students had a week-long awareness campaign and an assembly where they addressed their schoolmates about breast cancer. The momentous departure event was held at Mugg n Bean, Sebele Mall.

Michelle Ketlhalefile and Tracy Smith

The Journey of Hope Botswana will be launching a National Awareness Campaign on the theme ‘It’s in your hands’, this will include radio, digital and print elements which will be used to raise more awareness of Breast Cancer to the nation. The company will be hosting the welcome home event at Travel Lodge, Sebele Mall, on the 10th of August 2019.


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