Reigning Mrs. Botswana 2018/19 set to give Botswana community a lifeline

Mrs. Botswana 2018/19, Keletso Desiree Linchwe

Gaborone, Botswana: The community in Botswana, especially the women, the girl and the boy child will soon be thrown a lifeline which is set to save them from the ever unfolding and undesirable realities that seem to mostly target these vulnerable groups.

The reigning Mrs. Botswana, Keletso Desiree Linchwe is set on building a living legacy through the launch of her charitable organisation: Sone Setho, which will give back to the community by promoting human welfare nationwide and later worldwide.

Sone Setho is an organisation which is poised to bring about positive change in the behavioral patterns of the Botswana society and the world at large and helping to aid through motivational speaking, professional counseling and donations where possible.

The brand new humanitarian organization was recently launched in Masa Hotel, Gaborone where the logo of Mrs. Botswana 2018/2019’s brainchild was also unveiled.

Speaking at the event, Keletso Desiree Linchwe, Mrs. Botswana who also won the Ms Personality award in Philippines said the organization’s main objective is focused on women and both the boy and girl child.   

“The name of the organization is derived from the #KeSoneSethoSeo. This is the spirit of Ubuntu/Setho/True Humanity, I came up with the hash tag when representing our country Botswana at the Mrs. Universe Pageant competitions in December 2018,” says Mrs. Botswana.

Fittingly for her warmth and personality she was awarded the Ms. Personality prize which according to the judges was given to pageant contestant who reflected warmth, kindness and love to all.

The Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Machana Shamukuni graced the official launch of Sone Setho as the guest speaker and applauded Keletso Desiree Linchwe for her efforts take the welfare of other people into consideration. He said the formation of the charitable organisation is a noble gesture by the reigning Mrs. Botswana which will benefit a lot of people in the country.

“Forming a charitable organization is an act of extending love and kindness to others which is a conscious act but the decision is made by the heart without expecting a reward in return and it is not an easy thing to venture into,” said the Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs, Governance and Public Administration, Machana Shamukuni.

He said the government of the day is committed to supporting and facilitating all charitable bodies to fulfill their mandate of assisting the less privilege communities. The view of the government is to optimize the role of charitable organizations in the country’s economic growth as the government cannot do everything on its own.

Assistant Minister Machana Shamukuni urged Batswana to emulate Mrs. Botswana 2018/2019’s generous gesture and goodwill which he said is in line with the National Vision 3036 which espouses to ‘Achieve Prosperity for All’.

Desmond Lunga of Men and Boys for Gender Equality

Desmond Lunga of Men and Boys for Gender Equality said local society must relook into the ways the boy child is brought up as it can lead to gender violence later in life.

“Charity begins at home. What the boy child is taught at an early age counts, we must change the ways we bring up our boys. We must know that the boy child will eventually marry and what he was taught as a child can lead to a failed marriage or gender violence,” said Desmond Lunga.

Desmond Lunga asked Assistant Minister Machana Shamukuni to look into the issue of having a paternity leave for men to give the men time to bond with the newly born child.

Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention Centre’s Lorato Moalusi

Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention Center’s Lorato Moalusi urged men and women to be good homemakers as they only get one opportunity to raise a child into a responsible adult.

She said the boy child must be taught to have meaningful conversations with the girl child as pre-training to spend quality time with the opposite sex later in life or in marriage. She says it is common for men to leave their spouses and children and spend time with other men at bars.

“Men are oftentimes on the phone, playing games on the computer or with friends elsewhere rather than spending quality time with their spouses and children,” says Lorato Moalusi.

Botswana Gender Based Violence Prevention Center is a centre which provides three months shelter for abused women in the country.


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