A woman’s social responsibility success story

Boiketlo Motlhoka, a Fundraiser_Public Relations Officer at Camphill Community

Gaborone, Botswana: A Motswana is reveling in a success after the United States of America Botswana Embassy’s Stepping Stone International workshop which improved her Corporate Social Responsibility.

Boiketlo Motlhoka, a Fundraiser/Public Relations Officer at Camphill Community Trust in Ootse near the capital city of Gaborone says she now has a different way of approaching potential donors and never loses any like before.

“Camphill Community Trust offers education and training to people with special learning or intellectual disability. Before the Corporate Social Responsibility workshop I did things differently and it did not give me the best results ever. The workshop taught me that I can do business anytime as long as I know what to do,” says Boiketlo Motlhoka.

The Fundraiser cum Public Relations Officer says the U.S. Embassy Stepping Stone International workshop was highly informative and engaging. After the workshop, they were all requested to pledge on what they would do differently in their respective organizations.

Unfortunately for Boiketlo Motlhoka she fell ill and was hospitalized at the Gaborone Private Hospital. On her discharge date, the doctor who attended to her was the first person she approached about what Camphill Community Trust needed and the busy doctor took time to listen to her.

“On my discharge day I remembered that we needed a fully furnished sick bay and regular checkups for our learners and I was at the right place at the Gaborone Private Hospital and with the right people. I sold the idea to the doctor who came for my discharge confirmation, he left me to attend other patients but later came back,” says Boiketlo Motlhoka.

She say the doctor will be bringing a group of other doctors to Camphill Community Trust to do eye, dental screening and many other medical checkups and they promised to provide medical equipment for the Camphill Community trust sick bay.

Boiketlo Motlhoka says another pledge she made was to heighten potential donor engagement and communicate with the old donors that the Trust was not in contact with and revive the relationship they have.

She says inviting donors to the Camphill Community Trust events like prize giving ceremonies and many others helps reviving the dying relationships and the donors will also see that their donations are being put to good use and give more. It makes the donors feel that they are part of the Community Trust. She says she now has two more developments in the organization due to donor engagement.


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