United States of America empowers women in a move to strengthen social stability


Gaborone, Botswana: The United States of America is breathing life to many women project initiatives aspired at communal development and to strengthen social stability around the communities in Botswana.

The USA, in 2019 organized a breakfast at the American Ambassador’s residence which got both Non-Governmental Organizations and Corporates to identify opportunities of collaborations.

Sara Mulwa a young woman from Mabalane in the Kgatleng district in Botswana is one of the beneficiaries of the United States of America’s breakfast meeting and aid aimed at communal development.  Sara Mulwa met donors who later came to fund the development of her own solar lamp which has changed lives of many rural school going children and amazingly improved their school grades.

The young woman’s project led to a trust which is making strides and changing lives in the country. Now for Them Trust with a mandate to provide studying solar lamps to scholars in rural Botswana who do not have access to electricity is making waves and has increased graduate rates in the country.

“Most of the children drop out of school where they have to do household chores daily and have limited light to study and do their homework in the evenings,” says Sara Mulwa.

She says during her Mandela Washington Fellowship they were given the opportunity to put together a development plan which they will initiate when they return to their respective home countries and her plan was the Now for Them Trust.

“After setting up the Trust in 2017, we have donated more than 1 450 solar lamps and I did it all through the Trust but I now have a sponsor who will sponsor my project The Now for Them Trust will be funded to assembly 2450 solar lamps by women and youth from rural Botswana after training and distribution of the lamps to rural scholars within the sponsor’s business operating radius,” says Sara Mulwa, the founder of Now for Them Trust and who is also a Mandela Washington Fellow.

Sara Mulwa says her organization being the first NGO in Botswana to provide energy solutions, the U.S. Embassy event provided a platform which she says would not have existed for them to match with a reputable donor and for them to believe in their capability.

“This initiative is supported by the U.S. government as renewable energy developments is still a new technology in Botswana. This opportunity is proof that corporates can kick-start sustainable innovation for the nonprofit sector which enables them sustainable operations past the funding cycle,” says Sara Mulwa.

The founder of Now for Them Trust says they are the first NGO to produce a Botswana made solar lamp. After the funding cycle they had a complete, efficient and proven technology which will encourage and support the operations and administration of their course and most importantly reach larger volumes beneficiaries with the donation of solar lamps which they can service and maintain as their own design and technology.


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